Providing and sharing pertinent information and making available newly acquired resources, Kate supports the whole team. It is a collaborative effort, accompanying those actively dying. In her work she aims to help family members, physicians, nurses, hospice, social workers, grief counselors, funeral directors and guides weave their contributions from a heart-centered field. There is a time and place for science and advanced medical technology, but in many cases this does not lead to the support of the individual who is dying. At the same time Kate is witnessing conscious individuals shift out of the old paradigm around death, she is clearly noticing a deep reverence among the professionals who are in the midst of change themselves. In order to fulfill our greatest quest of living a conscious life we must include death. Memento Mori! Remember, we will all die!

Ministerial services include baby naming, marriage, unions, memorial services for people and pets, and home funerals. Funeral guidance and home funeral arrangements are available by booking individual or group family sessions and may include the following:

  • End-of-Life Planning – Specializing in unique design
  • Obtaining and filling out necessary paperwork, mapping a course and securing allies who will advocate! This is what Kate considers the “critical care unit” of planning ahead before you are lying on your deathbed.
  • Filing appropriate paperwork with the proper agencies
  • Filming or recording the plans for your final act
  • End-of-Life Stories – Assistance with writing:
  • Letters of atonement
  • Love Letters
  • Creating an epitaph
  • Your own obituary
  • Comfort Care for the Dying and Caregivers
  • Reading, singing, music, books on tapes
  • Body work services available (massage and Reiki)
  • Creating ritual and sacred space


Writing Retreats

  • Individual, couples & groups – available locally and abroad
  • Speaking Engagements – as available

“As a long-time writing teacher, technical editor, freelance writer and editor, and burgeoning novelist, I have Kate Riley to thank for enabling me to keep God-given creativity intact.  The ten years I spent in Kate’s Boise writing group resulted in a completed novel. But more than that, her ability to listen and to respond effectively to my drafts supported me in connecting with my authentic self.  One must write from this place. Yet more important is the chance live and grow from this place.”

–Marlene Gast, PhD, Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher

(Fee structure varies – please contact Kate for more information)