Wow! First of all, bravo, Vicky Bates! Secondly, what courage it took to revisit your son’s life, and death. With all the challenges, the highs and lows, and reconciliation that brought you the ultimate gift…we are never separate. There were so many one-liners scattered throughout this gem of a story. One in particular: “Death comes so much harder to people who have been steered away from it.” I laughed and I cried as you took me directly into each member of the family; at least as much as one is capable of with words. There were many times when I had a visceral reaction. And, there were times when I laid the book in my lap and spent time reflecting on my own life, and the multitude of experiences I’ve shared with others through the dying process. What a gift! Humble gratitude, my friend!

Vicky Bates will be reading and signing at The Community Library in Ketchum, Idaho TONIGHT (8/31/16) at 6 pm. You won’t want to miss this one!! (“Empty Jacket” is available at Chapter One in Ketchum.)