“The fear of death follows from

the fear of life. A man who lives fully

is prepared to die at any time.

Mark Twain

My Vision

photo credit: Susan Randall

As a Certified Death Midwife I am led by a powerful vision of how best to live our time-limited lives. Here are the actions that I believe we must take:

  • Form a vibrant community built on compassion and loving kindness, towards ourselves and others
  • Live deeply and well into our dying
  • Shift out of old paradigms and into a new way of being, in our living and our dying
  • Let these actions awaken us to a brand new way of being.

I believe that collectively we have the ability to co-create a new human story.

It is the very goal of existence, of being and becoming.
It is what our soul print seeks.
 Mark Gafni

The future holds so much promise and we only have a short time here. What is your contribution? Everyone came into this world with a unique design. Imagine and take a moment to ask yourselves, what is my vision? By living a vision-lead life, we find meaning and purpose. From there we have the opportunity to grow into our fullest potential. What are you waiting for?

I am an agent for change. I believe we have lived far too long in a death-denying culture. This is not helpful in the end. I know because I have worked for decades with the dying. More importantly, however, I’ve come to realize that it is actually how we live our lives that so often dictates the way in which we die. Approaching our own death in a more holistic way, in advance, may just yield a more favorable outcome. Imagine? What if you could plan for a good death? Death is serious business. It’s your final act. Why wouldn’t you show up ahead of time? Make something of it!

The willingness to begin the conversation is a good place to start. Discussing the complexities of death and dying offer people a place to explore and learn, bringing about greater awareness and ease. There is a new movement: Death Cafés are popping up all over the world. A wealth of information and resources are becoming available as we shift out of the old paradigm. We simply can’t outrun death, so why not place your energy elsewhere? Let us focus on living deeply and well.

It is expected that seventy million baby boomers will die between 2011-2028. This is a generation that does not want an institutional death. Most boomers want to die at home surrounded by their loved ones. Yes, people are living longer, but this makes for a growing number of folks facing their mortality. Let’s begin to help one another.

End of Life Planning

End of Life Planning

Obtaining and filling out necessary paperwork, mapping a course and securing allies who will advocate!
End-of-Life Stories

End-of-Life Stories

Letters of atonement
Love Letters
Creating an epitaph
Comfort & Care

Comfort & Care

Reading, singing, music, books on tapes
Body work services available (massage and Reiki)
Creating ritual and sacred space



These organizations can help with the seemingly overwhelming circumstances that you might be facing.

Green Burials and Cemeteries

Find the right final resting place for yourself or your loved one.

Kate’s Recommended Reading

Reccommended reading.

Audio CDs/DVDs

A selection of soothing music.